High-tech factory improves efficiency & safety with body worn cameras

Taipei, Taiwan

RT Stream International (RTS) technology has recently been selected for a patrol and guardian application of a high-tech factory project in Taiwan.

In the recent project, F01 body-worn cameras and Icommander software were proposed to create an ideal solution. The RTS-F01 body-worn camera is an all-in-one device, linking with the RTS-Icommander platform, a Mobile Emergency Response System, also referred to as MERS, to provide audio/ video/ data live streaming as well as supporting multiple group talking concurrently via GPS/ Wifi/ LBS tri-positioning, and multiple alarm support. 

After the completion of the system, several BU directors and managers have been interviewed and made comments on the performance of the combination of the F01 body-worn cameras and the MERS platform. “The MERS solution has enormously changed the efficiency of the traditional emergency response training and accident management. Furthermore, during routine inspections, the F01 means that the workers have no blind spots. And real-time video streaming instantly help the process of machine repair”, said the director of the Emergency Response Center for the factory.

“Because all operation-level colleagues wear F01 at site, our managers are able to understand the operating situation and give instructions simultaneously." Emphasised one of the factory directors, "Staff wearing F01 cameras can efficiently show newly employed engineers how to operate valuable precision instruments and also evaluate their performance."

Additionally, the Safety Director also gave credit to the system, “Wearing the F01 cameras also makes the in-plant security inspection run more efficiently. Supervisors are able to know the real-time situation and instruct workers how to deal with emergencies and alarm conditions.”

The vice president said, “As we have deployed the MERS solution at the headquarters, we requested MDVPN high safety 4G SIM cards for the F01 cameras and Ipad devices." In the factory, the management will use Ipads to supervise site and department situations in real time. And as MERS supports multiple group talking and multiple alarms in the system, they see the benefits of supervision with Ipads as it enables them to watch all corners of the factory complex remotely, even from the other side of the world.  "The RT Stream solution has really helped us to achieve real-time remote management in the post-pandemic era.” concluded by the VP.

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