RTL Telematics rebrands as Addsecure in the UK

Stockholm, Sweden and Glossop, Derbyshire (UK)

Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at Addsecure.

Addsecure, a leading European provider of premium IoT solutions, with a focus on secure critical communications and data, has announced the rebranding of RTL Telematics.

Following Addsecure's acquisition of RTL Telematics in November 2020, today the companies officially align under one company name and branding. Consolidating its transport and logistics solutions, the rebranding will strengthen Addsecure Smart Transport as well as raise the company profile in Britain.

RTL Telematics, from today known as Addsecure, is a UK based company that provides telematics solutions to the transport and logistics sector. Particularly, companies who are involved in transporting hazardous goods. Bringing the UK and European teams together under one brand will ensure Addsecure customers receive the very best services levels.

RTL’s solutions for safely transporting hazardous goods and top of the range camera solution are expected to create new and exciting opportunities for Addsecure. Elevating Addsecure’s camera offering in the UK, delivering on performance, reliability, and price.

With a keen focus to offer Smart Transport solutions from a single platform, RTL’s telematics equipment and software has delivered impressive results in saving customers money, reducing inefficiencies and accidents, and minimizing claim costs. The solutions also help companies become greener in their business operations. RTL have successfully delivered complex solutions to the likes of BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Nestle, Wincanton, and Hoyer.

“We are excited to take this final step in the journey of integrating RTL Telematics with the Addsecure brand. Not only have we grown our presence in the United Kingdom, but we have gained an impressive selection of products and a fantastic team to help us accelerate the company’s growth”, commented Claes Ödman, President of Smart Transport at Addsecure.

Joining the companies together in their appearance and company name sends a clear message to customers and the industry that RTL are now a part of Addsecure. It furthermore emphasises and validates Addsecure’s goals and growth strategy of becoming the leading European Fleet and Transport Management provider. “Moving forward as one united front will ensure we can work as effectively and smartly as possible, with a greater wealth of resources and support available to our customers. I look forward to continuing our work to elevate safety and efficiency in the transport and logistics industry, in the UK and beyond as Addsecure”, said Andrew Overton, VP Smart Transport UK.


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