Maxxess targets growth in MENA region

Dubai, U.A.E and Yorba Linda, Ca (USA)

Issam Alhamdam takes up his new position at Maxxess

Maxxess is targeting increasing demand across the Middle East and North Africa for affordable, seamlessly-integrated systems and visitor management solutions, with the appointment of Issam Alhamdam as Business Development Manager for the MENA region.

He joins the company at a time of exciting growth for its Efusion and Evisitor technology, with a number of major projects in the pipeline. The market is being boosted by a drive towards diversification across the Gulf States and a progressive focus on running buildings more carbon-efficiently.

“The acceleration we are now seeing is being driven by demand for more efficient operations enabled by powerful yet simple-to-implement integrated solutions that eliminate gaps in security and automate and standardise processes,” says Alhamdam, who brings with him more than a decade of experience working on access, video, and security projects with major vendors in the region.

“As customers look to streamline their operations and adapt to fast-changing market conditions, increasingly they appreciate the benefits of being able control all their systems from a single, user-friendly interface. At the same time, they understand the importance of achieving a low total cost of ownership and identifying solutions that give them long term value and sustainability.”

Efusion technology enables comprehensive, seamless integration of security and building systems, plus front-of-house services, in diverse settings from hotels and hospitality to healthcare, education, transportation and logistics, and mixed-use developments. Its feature-rich access control software can be integrated with a wide range of best-in-breed systems and technologies, video surveillance, fire, intruder, building management and other security, safety and site-specific applications and hardware.

In the hotel and hospitality sectors, Efusion is now favoured by customers because of its off-the-shelf integration to leading hotel management software. This allows front-of-house and back-of-house teams to work seamlessly, enabling reception staff to securely check-in guests and authorise room and leisure access, while delivering in-room dining, housekeeping, concierge, and other services more efficiently to ensure an enhanced guest experience.

Maxxess Evisitor enables secure, efficient management of visitors – including staff, contractors, guests, and the public – with pre-bookings, streamlined identification and verification processes that ensure smooth arrivals, car parking and meeting room access. Crucially, Evisitor now also gives customers a range of hygienic, frictionless, and touchless tools now including mobile access control which allow authorised visitors to pass through security with QR codes or at the simple wave of a hand or tap on their phones.

“We’re delighted to welcome Issam to the Maxxess family,” says Lee Copland, Managing Director EMEA, Maxxess. “He joins us at a particularly exciting time when much of the region is embarking on major government-backed and transformational programmes. Issam’s experience and industry knowledge will support our regional expansion plans and he’s already working closely with our network of consultants and systems integrators on some of the most important projects that we’ve delivered so far.”


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