Ksenia embraces global goals to reduce inequalities

Ripatransone, Italy

Ksenia supports the global movement towards reducing inequalities in its business approach. Image courtesy of Ksenia Security

The international community has made remarkable progress in the fight to reduce poverty. However, global inequalities still exist and represent one of the main obstacles to sustainable development. This means that, for Ksenia Security at least, the promotion of sustainable social, economic, and environmental development has a key value in its business activities.

It is crucial to understand that a country’s economic growth is not sufficient to combat poverty unless it deals with an inclusive growth that involves sustainable development across economic, social, and environmental dimensions. The presence of inequalities within a country limit access to essential sectors such as healthcare and education, as well as social, cultural, and political participation for the most vulnerable segments of the population, thus constraining their capacity to contribute meaningfully to overall social growth.

To significantly improve this situation, it is important to implement global regulations and policies that encompass long-term strategies, paying particular attention to the needs of the most disadvantaged populations.

United Nations goals

Goal 10 of the United Nations aims to increase the income of the poorest classes to achieve greater social, economic, and political inclusion worldwide by 2030.

Furthermore, it is committed to eliminating all discriminatory laws and practices to eradicate inequalities across various sectors, such as access to health care and education, and the participation of less developed countries in international decision-making processes, both in the political and economic fields.

In addition, the objective supports issues such as promoting safer migration and mobility, increasing social cohesion, and improving health and well-being for all.

Through tangible actions undertaken by each nation, we can leave a more equitable world for future generations, ensuring that no one is excluded.

How is Ksenia Security involved?

All the concrete actions that Ksenia carries out every day are collected in the "Sustainability Brochure 2021": among the themes covered, the company highlights its commitment to fostering a corporate culture aimed at promoting equal opportunities through inclusion and the appreciation of diversity.

The company ensures the respect for human rights for all its collaborators, through the adoption of a Code of Ethics and adherence to national and international principles and guidelines.

Ksenia creates inclusive work contexts and promotes flexible work to ensure equal opportunities based on the results achieved, regardless of the working modality.

Furthermore, it emphasises the promotion of work-life balance behaviors and strongly believes in active and collaborative participation of individuals, built on independent judgment and free from any form of discrimination.

Ksenia Security is aware of the important contribution that its people make daily to the success of the company: for this reason, is committed to protecting and increasing the value and integrity of its employees through specific training courses for each department and insertion plans for new resources.

"Great Place to Work" certification

According to data of 2021, the company has recorded a 16% revenue turnover, more than tripled compared to 2020, and has reached a staff of 76% composed of collaborators between 30 and 50 years and a team of under 30 of 100% made up of women.

This approach has allowed the company to obtain the "Great Place To Work" certification in 2021, confirmed in the current year, testifying to its great commitment to promoting well-being and inclusivity within the workplace.


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