Hanwha Vision and A2 Technology create dynamic partnership

Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

Murat Mutlu, Managing Partner at A2 Technology talks about the company's partnership with Hanwha Vision.

Hanwha Vision partners with innovative vendors to deliver intelligent video solutions. One such vendor is A2 Technology, which focuses on smart city solutions that create safer and more prosperous spaces for citizens to live, work, and play. According to Murat Mutlu, Managing Partner at A2 Technology, this partnership exemplifies how technology, when used innovatively and responsibly, can address real-world challenges and help shape a safer, more secure future.

A2 Technology is a dynamic and innovative tech company focused on developing cutting-edge solutions in video analytics and intelligent transportation systems. The company has a primary mission to safeguard communities and enhance mobility through AI and advanced video analytics. Its solutions are used in over 100 cities globally, with its most well-known solution, A2-VCA Automatic Incident Detection, installed in 54 tunnels and across 300+ kilometres of high-speed railways.

The partnership began in 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was just beginning. This period, as we all remember, was marked by global uncertainty but also opportunities to innovate. An example of this was the A2 Technology intelligent video analytics solution that was capable of detecting face masks and issuing warnings to those not wearing them.

"Hanwha Vision, as a leading manufacturer of video surveillance solutions, was a natural choice for us when looking to expand the market for our face mask detection solution. Together with Hanwha Vision’s cameras, we offered a highly effective bundle product. Beyond the technical benefits, the Hanwha Vision team was committed to our collaboration, which perfectly complemented the dynamic and responsive way A2 Technology works.

During the pandemic, we distributed our solution across Europe, North, and South America. It was a remarkably successful project and a testament to our mutual capabilities. Now we are proud to be one of Hanwha Vision’s Automatic Incident Detection solution partners, and together we're working to expand our solutions across Europe," said Mutlu.

"We have seen a huge transformation in how video is perceived in organisations, from surveillance to becoming a source of invaluable business insights.

Thanks to the rise in AI and machine learning, we’re seeing more demand for intelligent video analytics that provide detailed insights to optimise operations and promote public safety. The success of A2 Technology’s face mask detection solution is a good example of this, and now we’re seeing more interest from the traffic management and law enforcement sectors for intelligent video analytics. Decision makers want to invest in solutions that can give them proactive alerts and real-time insights that go beyond basic video recording," he continued.

Understanding AI and video analytics

According to Mutlu, any installer looking to future-proof their business needs to understand AI and video analytics. He believes that future solutions will go beyond traditional surveillance and offer actionable insights. Enabling rapid responses to incidents with immediate alerts, incident detection, and more. "More customers are demanding this kind of proactive approach so it’s vital that installers can deploy intelligent systems that predict and prevent incidents," added Mutlu.

With greater insights delivered via AI and machine learning, installers have more opportunities to diversify their clientele and create new revenue streams. Especially when they work with vendors that are highly flexible and modular. Offering end-users versatile and modular solutions that can adapt, grow, and evolve based on needs will give installers an edge.

"Continuous learning is vital in the AI era. Technology is changing at such a pace that you must stay informed about the latest advances and trends. That’s something A2 Technology is committed to, supporting installers and end-users to understand new innovations with expert knowledge sharing and comprehensive training," he concluded.


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