EVVA wins environmental award for clean manufacturing

Vienna, Austria and Stockholm, Sweden

EVVA's Clean Production has received an award in the Climate Protection category of the prestigious Austrian TRIGOS Awards.

TRIGOS is Austria's most prestigious award for responsible management and has been awarded since 2004. The award is given to companies that take on a leadership role and set an example for responsible business practices and sustainability. They make a significant contribution to the future viability of the economy, society and the environment. EVVA was nominated in the “Climate Protection” category - for the comprehensive initiatives on central building control technology and clean production. Exactly nine years after winning the TRIGOS in the ecology category, the most important award for sustainability, EVVA won the TRIGOS in the climate protection category.

The expert jury awarded the TRIGOS to EVVA for the central building control system and the promotion of clean production.  The reasoning offered by the jury described  EVVA as  “An expert in access systems, artificial intelligence, and heating and cooling, which save an enormous amount of electricity. EVVA is also steadily increasing production without oil, emulsions or water. ”  The winning companies are characterised by the anchoring of responsible action in their core business, innovative initiatives and contributions to the UN sustainability goals. They all received the trophies created by the redesign of upcycled garbage.

An award for all employees at EVVA

After winning TRIGOS in 2012 and being nominated in 2015, EVVA has now reached the final round for the third time in 2021. With success. “This success is thanks to the sustained commitment and cooperation of all EVVA employees. This makes us one of the most sustainable companies in Austria ! " , Says a delighted Mag. Nicole Ehrlich-Adám, CPO EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH. EVVA Managing Director of the EVVA Group, Stefan Ehrlich-Adám, is also delighted with the TRIGOS Award: “The nomination alone underscores our CSR role model function. The fact that we were ultimately able to prevail against all other companies proves our high CSR standards in all areas of the company. "

Everything about EVVA projects relating to ecology, economy and society is contained in the company's digital sustainability report.


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