EVVA shows solid commitment with new sustainability report

Stockholm, Sweden

EVVA has always been committed to combining industry and sustainability, and the company's newly published sustainability report demonstrates just how many different levers the family-owned company has set in motion for this.

EVVA’s vision expressed in one sentence: Take responsibility for your own actions - economically, ecologically and socially. For EVVA, CSR is more than just image, it is a necessity. Technological cutting-edge companies in particular must strive to remain as sustainable as possible. This means taking environmental protection into account in all strategies, combining production and sustainability, exchanging ideas with stakeholders and securing jobs through careful corporate management.

One further demonstration of commitment and recognition was certainly EVVA’s award for "Green Factory" in 2020, an award presented by Fraunhofer Austria and the industry magazine for the most sustainable factory in Austria.

The current sustainability report shows which goals in the area of sustainability that EVVA is striving for in the coming years and which economic, ecological and social projects and measures it is implementing for this purpose - no longer on paper, but exclusively digitally on the EVVA website.

Focus on clean production

EVVA is constantly pushing for oil and water-free production of its products and has now achieved a quota of 65%. EVVA claims it has already achieved 100% in the area of metal shavings recycling: All shavings are fed back into the production cycle. EVVA has already received numerous awards for its diverse clean production measures, such as the City of Vienna’s Environmental Award, the TRIGOS Award and the ÖKOPROFIT Award for first-class environmental management.

Energy consumption from photovoltaics

With one of the largest photovoltaic systems for private consumption in Vienna (since the PV installation in 2014), EVVA has already produced one million kWh of clean solar energy - that’s as much as 40 single-family home PV systems. EVVA can maintain its base load in the event of a power failure. Plus: As part of the new building at the Wienerberg site, not only will the existing photovoltaic system be expanded, but EVVA is also planning to introduce a central digital building management system (BMS) with corresponding positive effects on energy consumption and emission reduction. This year’s addition to the headquarters will also include a concrete core activation for optimal and resource-conserving heating and cooling.

Low staff turnover 

EVVA has always remained a family-run business throughout its long history and a reliable employer even in turbulent phases or in times of increasing digitalisation. Employee satisfaction with the company is traditionally high. Plus: Thanks to low staff turnover, the company retains the diverse expertise that is the hallmark of a specialist like EVVA.


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