Eagle Eye joins Salto in Co-living partnership

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Eagle Eye Networks has formally entered into an official partnership with Co-Liv, the largest non-profit association of co-living professionals. As the global co-living movement continues to gain momentum, technology companies, such as Eagle Eye Networks for video surveillance and Salto for access control, will be crucial in providing tech solutions that allow co-living operators to scale faster and more efficiently than they would on their own.

Storing surveillance video data in the cloud comes with many advantages, especially for residential buildings, such as hotels, urban apartments, and co-living developments. Traditionally, video surveillance footage is only accessible if something bad happens – typically a security breach, such as a robbery. Therefore, the video is rarely used and the high price tag of the camera and data storage equipment remains just a “cost of doing business,” yielding no financial returns or useful insights. Using a cloud solution, the video is accessible to integrate with other applications and can deliver powerful insights that allow businesses to improve their people, product, and processes.

“We are excited to join the Co-Liv organisation as technology partner alongside Salto. As the Co-living movement is growing, we want to support this with our video surveillance technology that both ensures the safety of the residents and provides relevant business insights for co-living operators. As Eagle Eye Networks is fully integrated with Salto’s state of the art access control systems, we provide a full solution for co-living operators.” Says Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director Eagle Eye Networks.

Using artificial intelligence to analyse the video, operators can also discover how people interact in those spaces and use these insights to improve their communities, enhance their reputation as being secure and resident-focused, and make informed spatial design decisions in future developments. Eagle Eye also integrates with other technology solutions, such as Salto’s access solutions, so the entire tech ecosystem of a building can work together to provide the best living experience possible.

Christian Schmitz, from Salto Systems adds: “We have been a longstanding partner of the Co-Liv Organization as we do believe a seamless access control system helps co-living operators to create peace of mind about the safety of the property. Adding Eagle Eye Networks means we can provide a seamless overall security solution without adding complexities with different systems that are not connected to each other."

”The advantages for the co-living industry can be best summed up with a quote from European co-living operator Basecamp: “Basecamp Student operates seven student housing facilities in Denmark, Germany, and Poland, with more locations coming soon. We are continuously striving to build and operate a global community focused on enhancing the student journey. So, when we set out to find a security partner, we sought one that was willing – and able – to be as creative as our students and our spaces. We found this in Eagle Eye Networks. Its video surveillance solution captures video for security purposes, but because video is stored in the cloud, it opens up unlimited access to valuable artificial intelligence – information that helps us and our residents make better decisions. For example, management can use data to understand which amenities are used most often, informing future designs and builds. And students can engage with the system, as well. They may want to check the laundry room in real time to determine if machines are available. Or pull data regarding gym occupancy before heading to work out. By using our video surveillance system creatively, we’re enhancing the spaces where our residents live, learn, work, and connect – now and in the future.” Daniel Doherr, Managing Director for Basecamp Student Operations."

“As co-living operators around the world continue to experiment with different communal living models, the ones that are able to use technology to more efficiently achieve their goals will be at a distinct advantage when compared to their peers,” concludes Connor Moore. “At Co-Liv we believe technology providers, such as Eagle Eye Networks, are excellent partners for innovative and tech-savvy co-living companies.”


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