Addsecure acquires Connecting Solutions in Belgium

Stockholm, Sweden

Stefan Albertsson, CEO, Addsecure

Addsecure is acquiring Connecting Solutions BV as part of its growth strategy within its new business unit, Smart Mobility. The deal is intended to strengthen the company's position and market share in Belgium, and aligns with Addsecure’s continuous growth strategy.

In September 2023, Addsecure acquired Clifford Group and established a new business unit, Smart Mobility, with the objective of expanding the business unit both through organic growth and acquisitions. Just months after the deal closed, the new owners are already backing Clifford Group, Part of Addsecure, in its long-term growth strategy with the acquisition of Connecting Solutions BV.

The Smart Mobility business unit offers telematics and business software solutions, specialising in mobile security and connected mobility solutions. It operates under the brands Clifford and Faringwell for Mobile Security, and Traxgo for Connected Mobility.

The acquisition complements Addsecure’s current connected mobility business and will be integrated into the Traxgo brand. Situated in Belgium, Connecting Solutions provide fleet management solutions with information on vehicle’s location (track and trace), monitoring and software applications.

“This deal not only strengthens our position and expands Traxgo's market share in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also brings a robust customer base and opens up an additional sales channel through distributors,” said Huibjan Braafhart, President of Smart Mobility at Addsecure.

“We are delighted to support the continued development of Smart Mobility. This acquisition underscores our dedication and is a key component of our ongoing growth strategy," said Stefan Albertsson, CEO of Addsecure.


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