Dallmeier focuses on versatility at Milestone summits

Regensburg, Germany, Dubai, U.A.E, and Minneapolis, Mn(USA)

The Dallmeier Panomera multifocal sensor systems combine up to eight high-resolution sensors in one system.

As a gold sponsor at this year's Milestone Partner Summits (MIPS) in Dubai today and Minneapolis later this month, Dallmeier with be focusing on the company's Panomera and Domera camera systems and the use of the systems with Milestone Xprotect video management software.

With the patented Panomera® cameras, the images from up to seven detail sensors and one overview sensor are intelligently combined in a camera system to form a high-resolution overall image of the object space. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and confusing switching between camera perspectives and unnecessary searches on building and environment maps. The number of cameras required as well as the number of screens to be observed is reduced many times over.

Xprotect operators can now open and arrange all "submodules" as often as they like via the user interface and zoom in on any number of areas within the submodules at the same time. At the same time, the high-resolution display of the overall scene is always maintained. The benefit corresponds to the combination of a powerful megapixel camera with any number of high-resolution "virtual" PTZs.

Versatile camera technology

The Dallmeier Domera dome cameras are the German manufacturer's answer to many problems with classic video camera systems. Among the features of the Domera are a resolution of up to 4K, an integrated AI video analysis as well as the remotely controllable three-axis adjustment with the Dallmeier RPoD (Remote Positioning Dome) and a modular construction system with which more than 300 conceivable product variants can be realised.

The adaptive IR and white light LEDs of the Dual Matrix LED ring mounted outside the bubble ensure a particularly high image quality at night. This also makes it more difficult for spiders to take hold and results in significantly fewer light reflections (e.g., from scratches).


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