Central Iraq bank initiates move towards biometric payment

Oslo, Norway and Baghdad, Iraq

Zwipe has received strong endorsement from the Central Bank of Iraq to bring biometric payment cards in the country. Iraq is one of the most prominent emerging markets in the Middle East region with a strong demand for payment solutions with high security.

The Central Bank of Iraq has a strong track record in introducing innovative payment methods in the country. Biometric payment cards built on Zwipe’s disruptive single silicon platform will enable state-of-the-art innovations in payment to issuers and consumers ensuring world class security and user experience.

Speaking on this development, Ms. Duha Al Atta, General Manager at the Central Bank of Iraq said: “We deeply appreciate that global technology leaders as Zwipe are putting immense efforts to not just introduce great innovations but building the payments ecosystem, helping all the parties in the value chain. We encourage banks to pilot innovations from Zwipe, assess the end users’ feedback and bring biometric payment cards to Iraq in 2022.”

General Manager for MENA region at Zwipe, Ramzi Saboury said: “We are extremely glad to see the support from Central Bank of Iraq for Zwipe. Their interest in biometric payment cards will further accelerate the adoption of our innovation in 2022. Zwipe will be supporting all issuers, processors and personalisation bureaus in Iraq with implementation expertise, business case assessments, user feedback capture and other services to help them deliver pilots and successful market launches."


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