Cathexis appoints new ANZ distributor

Durban, South Africa

Innovare Security Distribution (ISD) has been appointed ANZ distributor for Cathexis Technologies VMS and to support its integrators.

ISD’s Mark Timmins said the company was delighted to be carrying the product. “We wanted a VMS that was new to the ANZ region and not become another VMS distributor in a very cluttered market,” Timmins said. “This is an exciting time for both ISD and Cathexis.”

According to Timmins, the process of winning distribution was a team effort. “There was a lot of hard work by all our team,” he explained. “ISD has a great relationship with Cathexis, which bent over backwards with supplying information on the Cathexis product. Cathexis wanted a distributor with strong customer focus with an outcome for a solid solution and that is exactly what ISD offers to our partners."

“The Cathexis VMS is robust and reliable and offers all the attributes of other VMS’s but at a very reasonable cost. Everyone both client and integrator will benefit as the software can be easily customised to suit different client requirements.”

Timmins, stresses that ISD is committed to customer support. “We invested to have the Cathexis trainer come to Australia and train up 3 of our technical team who are now certified on the Cathexis platform so our partners will have full 24/7 support and integrators now have an alternative with a Cathexis a VMS with all the features but at a reasonable price. The ISD team is quick to get back to answer questions – ISD commit to a 20-minute turnaround."

Cathexis Technologies’ global business development director, Gus Brecher, said the company was looking for someone with a solutions mindset, rather than a distributor that just fulfils business transactions. “We wanted a team with the capability to assess a customer’s needs and then design and deliver a solution that adds real value and has the customer’s best interests at heart,” Brecher said. “Of course, we are always there to back them up if required.”


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