Alcatraz AI adds homeland security veteran to advisory board

Cupertino, Ca (USA)

Alcatraz AI has added Steve K. Francis to its advisory board. This alliance marks a significant step forward for Alcatraz AI's commitment to serving government agencies worldwide with ultra secure access control technology. With his extensive experience in Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and a distinguished career combating transnational organised crime, Francis brings invaluable expertise to guide Alcatraz AI's endeavours in the government sector.

“We are honoured to have Steve join our advisory board,' said Tina D'Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI. 'His impressive experience and proven track record in HSI are a testament to his expertise and commitment to combating global organised crime. With Steve on board, we are confident in our ability to provide government agencies worldwide with the most advanced facial authentication solution available.”

Francis most recently was responsible for overseeing HSI's vast workforce, consisting of over 10,000 employees, including special agents, criminal analysts, mission support personnel, and contract staff across 50 countries worldwide. In his leadership capacity, Francis was pivotal in leading the charge against transnational organised crime, intellectual property theft, and the enforcement of international trade laws. He has provided crucial guidance in shaping the response of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center to the challenges posed by intellectual property theft, particularly amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Noteworthy initiatives like Operation Stolen Promise have been implemented under his direction to address these urgent issues.

Notably, Francis has also held the esteemed position of Director of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, where he led the US Government's response to intellectual property theft and the enforcement of international trade laws.

Throughout his career, Francis has received numerous commendations including the DHS Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity Management, HSI Excellence in Public Service, DHS Civil Rights and Civil Liberty's "Game Changer" Award for establishing the Middle Eastern Law Enforcement Officers Association, Top 25 Trademark Influencers Award, and Michigan State University's 2020 Wall of Fame Award.

"Joining Alcatraz AI's advisory board is an exciting opportunity for me to leverage my expertise in law enforcement and government agencies to drive the advancement of facial authentication technology in the government sector," said Steve Francis. "Alcatraz AI's unwavering commitment to delivering best in class access control biometrics perfectly aligns with my mission to enhance security. Alcatraz has the best and most secure access control solution on the market, and I am excited to work closely alongside the Alcatraz AI team as we introduce cutting edge facial authentication to government agencies worldwide."

Alcatraz AI is at the forefront of the facial authentication industry, offering next generation solutions that prioritise accuracy, privacy, security, and user experience. With Steve K. Francis's guidance and expertise, Alcatraz AI is poised to make significant strides in its mission to enhance security measures within the government sector and provide unparalleled support to agencies combating transnational organised crime.

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