Addsecure tracking solution enhances logistics operations

Stockholm, Sweden

Live temperature tracking and alerting serves as a proactive measure to maintain the quality of delivered products.

Harnessing the power of Addsecure’s advanced live trailer tracking and remote temperature monitoring solutions, Dennis Distribution has not only enhanced operational efficiency but also, according to the company, solidified its reputation as a reliable and responsible refrigerated transport partner.

Dennis Distribution, renowned refrigerated hauliers headquartered in Malton, Yorkshire, UK, specialises in providing UK and European temperature-controlled transport services for a diverse range of chilled, frozen, and ambient products.

With an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safe and timely delivery of perishable goods, Dennis Distribution has established itself as a key player in the transport industry. From transporting frozen food to bulk liquids, the company’s dedication to quality and reliability has garnered the trust of its loyal customers.

The remote temperature monitoring solution provided by Addsecure equips Dennis Distribution with the ability to continuously track and report the location, status, and temperature of their deliveries. This feature, often cited by their customers as a pivotal differentiator, ensures real-time insights into the condition of the transported goods. In the unpredictable world of temperature-sensitive transport, the ability to monitor and alert for any deviations from the desired temperature range empowers Dennis Distribution to act swiftly and prevent spoilage, safeguarding both their bottom line and their brand reputation.

“For us, every delivery matters, and maintaining the integrity of the goods we transport is paramount. Addsecure’s solutions have not only provided us with the necessary tools to ensure the quality and safety of our cargo but have also enabled us to offer an added layer of transparency and assurance to our customers,” says Andrew Revely, General Manager at Dennis Distribution.

The live temperature tracking and alerting feature serves as a proactive measure against potential disruptions. In the event of temperature fluctuations, Dennis Distribution is instantly notified, enabling them to rectify the situation promptly and maintain the quality of the delivered products. This capability is especially crucial for high-value deliveries, where losses can be substantial and detrimental to both financial health and customer satisfaction.

Full traceability and quality control

Furthermore, the robust data collection and reporting functionalities offered by Addsecure’s solutions empower Dennis Distribution to achieve full traceability throughout their supply chain. Whether required for regulatory compliance audits or customer queries, the company can swiftly provide detailed temperature logs as proof of delivery conditions. This has proven pivotal for customers conducting BRC audits or requesting comprehensive temperature logs for compliance purposes.

Additionally, the live temperature data has proven invaluable for Dennis Distribution’s regular spot checks on trailers when off-site. This practice has enabled them to promptly identify and address issues such as incorrect temperature settings or malfunctioning refrigeration units, further demonstrating their commitment to quality control.

“We are very proud of our partnership with Dennis Distribution. Their dedication to quality and excellence mirrors our own values at Addsecure. We are delighted to provide solutions that not only enhance their operational efficiency but also contribute to maintaining the highest standards in temperature-controlled transport,” says Paul Lawrence, Managing Director of Addsecure UK, North America and Australia.

Through the strategic implementation of Addsecure’s live trailer tracking and temperature monitoring solutions, Dennis Distribution continues to set benchmarks in the industry, ensuring the safe and reliable transport of temperature-sensitive goods across the UK and Europe.


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