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Taichung, Taiwan

Oxy Technology, a company based in Taiwan, has been focus on employing short-range UVC and nanotechnology in producing compact, yet quality and effective device to improve the quality of air in room space, like as at home, hotels, hospitals, offices, and more. After the Covid-19 pandemic, Oxy, based on their 30-year experience and expertise in applying CCFL and illumination technologies, has successfully launched Portable Deodorizer Sterilizer (OT-001) and Column-type Air Purifier to help improving the air quality of your room space.

Since been through the covid pandemic in the past 3~4 years, people have been pay more attention to personal hygiene. As need to go out to work or shop on daily basis, it is not avoidable that we will carry back many dusts, virus, and germs that attached on our hair, cloth, bottom of shoes, skin and hands from outside.

Due to a successful case that their business partner has installed Oxy's Lumen lighting products in the carriages of JR trains in Japan to eliminate germs/virus on passengers in an limited space and environment. The case had consigned a test by Nara Medical University in year 2021 and reported the UVC light (185~254nm) will generate O3 from the air to effectively reduce the suspended particles PM2.5&10, eliminate odor and virus. According to the testing report, the lumen lights will generate 7.5 million negative ions per second, with ventilation in the car, the test result has shown and proven 99% of new coronavirus and 94% of influenza ones have been eliminated when the lights are on.

Encouraging by the success of the project consignment, Oxy Technology has employed the technique into their new products for home and commercial space in applications. In year 2022, Oxy has lunched their Lumen Light (Bulb, model: OT-004). The lamp (bulb) is designed to compatible with E27 Lamp socket. And, as very low blue light contained, the Lumen Light can be used as your desk light and also embrace the function of air purification (odor and virus elimination). If put in the small closet or wardrobe that designed when you enter your home, you can put your outdoor wears (jacket, coat,...etc.) in to be sterilization for 10 - 20 minutes before bringing them into your room.

Then, in year 2023, we have our Portable Deodorizer Steriliser (Model: OT-001) and Column-type Air Purifier (Model: OT-002) launched to the market.

The OT-001, Portable Deodorizer Steriliser, are developed with the same nanolumenation technology with in-chip timing function. Once powered up (with USB) for 15 minutes, it will be off for 5 minutes and turn on again. The OT-001 Steriliser has been tested at a Laboratory in Taiwan; the test report shown that, after the turn on 10 minutes, it achieves 99.99% sterilization on the Streptococcus pneumoniae.

As designed in compact size (with a 1-meter-length cable for USB 5V/1A, power consumption 3W), the Sterilizer can be easily carried for anywhere you go. Some of our users will bring it for meeting at Cafe; power it up with power pack, the OT-001 can be put on desk to purify the air surround you. Some of them are suffering from the odor that come from diapers, food waste, animals droppings and/or musty smell from the sewers, to place the device in the bath room or at a limited space (like as kitchen, waste can,...etc.), the odor will be effectively eliminated in 15~30 minutes.

The OT-002, Column-type Air Purifier, is a desgn for trendy-décor home.  As in size of (Ø)82mm x (H) 180 mm and with USB power supploy (5V/1A, power consumption 6W), it is a hot and popular product for travellovers, especially those with nose allergies. It is tested to be effective to purify the air of room you stay in 15 minutes after the device is on. It is designed to be used in a room size around 30sqm; with ventilation (like as fan or air con), the effectiveness space can be a bit bigger, as the air ventilation will bring the O3 into air and fill the whole room.

p.s. According to the principle of aerodynamics, the higher the device are placed, the better air diffusion performed, and vice versa.

Product Specifications:

Oxy Technology, a company focus on illumination R&D and nanotechnology, is committed to improve quality of air and human life. In view of more than 30 year of experience and expertise on CCFL in product development and manufacturing, Oxy has made good use of the edge to create a new business line for better quality of life in the post-epidemic era.  The above products have been sold and used in our home market for more than 1 year and proven very effective.  We are welcome box orders and orders for OEM and ODM manufacturing. 

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