How can cities protect their citizens during the pandemic?

Pelco’s Occupancy Counting Solution can ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.

As cities around the world have reopened and vaccination administration is underway, cities and governments are still facing mounting pressures placed by COVID-19. City and government officials are rethinking how their citizens can safely go back to carrying out their daily lives – from traveling to the office on the metro to eating out at their favourite restaurant. Social distancing measures have placed a high demand on law enforcement officials and the closure of certain facilities like metros are taxing city resources. Despite citizens regaining a sense of normalcy, there is still so much uncertainty. With Pelco’s reliable solutions, city and government officials ensure a city’s operations are functioning at the highest levels.

During these unprecedented times, cities and governments are operating on already constrained budgets, and its human resources are thinly stretched due to the increasing demand for monitoring of restricted activity. Pelco’s Sarix® Enhanced 3 Fixed IP camera and Occupancy Counting Solution can provide cities and governments with cost-savings, operational efficiencies and compliance oversight.

Cameras for Challenging Conditions

The Sarix® Enhanced 3 Series
The Sarix® Enhanced 3 Series.

The Sarix® Enhanced 3 Series is a leading fixed IP camera built for applications, such as cities, where there is a need to extract critical video security footage in challenging lighting and environmental conditions. The best-in-class camera line has resolutions up to 4K, robust image stabilization, adaptive IR and excellent low light and True Wide Dynamic Range enabling security professionals to capture images with clear details. In areas where lighting conditions are unfavorable, security professionals will be able to clearly see if people are moving around in restricted areas. The camera’s Smart Compression technology reduces storage costs to preserve video quality and can lower bandwidth and storage requirements by up to 70% for continuous monitoring of activities.

AI-Powered Analytics

The camera includes advanced capabilities such as AI-powered analytics which improves video operator efficiency and reduces human error. In situations where continuous monitoring is required no matter how diligent a security operator monitors video footage, fatigue takes its toll and potential threats may be overlooked. The Advanced Analytics automatic detection feature reduces the chance of operators missing potential threats, and provides the analytics ability to easily categorize objects in a scene resulting in improved detection of actual threats versus false alarms.

Pelco’s Occupancy Counting Solution.

Occupancy Counting Solution

Pelco’s Occupancy Counting Solution can ensure compliance with social distancing requirements. The solution provides a real-time occupancy count against user-defined occupancy limits to ensure there is an accurate count. Not only does this solution provide an easy and efficient way to monitor facility occupancy rates, but also reduces staffing costs associated with manually counting people. This solution provides cities and government officials with compliance oversight.

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