Mahesh Saptharishi says: "We believe the next revolution in this industry is going to be analytics driven and artificial intelligence driven."

He also believes that the industry at large can benefit from the intellectual property that Avigilon has in its portfolio today.

"There will be others in the industry – our peers in the industry – that will be interested in seeing this in their own products and we want to encourage that and our patent licensing programme will be a key part of that as well", he says.

At the end of 2014, Avigilon acquired Object Video with all its patents. Many companies were concerned about what Avigilon would do as Object Video was behaving so aggressively.

However, Mahesh Saptharishi says: "I think the industry at large is appreciating our patent license programme, the structure of it and the benefit it offers, so, I think this is a very positive move for the industry as opposed to one that should be looked upon with any level of trepidation."