Vivotek collaborates with Genetec at Australian Expo

Taipei, Taiwan

Vivotek recently took its latest IP surveillance solutions to the 30th Security Expo, held from July 15-17 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia. As part of a cooperation with Genetec and two local partners, Hills and O-Lin, Vivotek  demonstrated a range of industry-leading surveillance solutions at the event. 

Featured products included the 3-megapixel H.265 high-efficiency network camera IP9171-HP; the ultra-megapixel IR fisheye network camera, FE8391-V; the 5 megapixel mini fisheye network camera, FE8180; and what is believed to be the world's first PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions, the Vivocam PoE switch.

Vivotek has been working in close collaboration with Genetec to develop seamless integration for its H.265 cameras. This synergy is designed to ensure excellent performance and compatibility with Genetec Security Center, a unified platform that blends IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems all within one intuitive solution. By adopting H.265 technology, Vivotek and Genetec users can save substantially on cost due to higher and more efficient image compression rates which reduce both bandwidth and storage consumption. Visitors to the Security Expo were able to experience the latest H.265 camera, the IP9171-HP on Genetec's display.

Also on show at the Hills booth and the O-Lin booth was the ultra-megapixel fisheye network camera, FE8391-V. Featuring a detailed 12-megapixel CMOS sensor with outstanding 360° or 180° panoramic views, this dynamic camera is outfitted with the range of features including up to 10 metres 360° surround illumination, WDR illumination, and 3D noise reduction, making it as powerful as 3 to 4 average CCTV cameras. Also on display was the 5 megapixel, high performance but low-profile mini-fisheye network camera, FE8180. With a diameter of only 90 mm this is an ideal camera when total surveillance needs to be totally discreet.

Dedicated to providing total solutions for IP surveillance, Vivotek has also developed the AW-GEV series, or Vivocam PoE switch, which the company maintains is the world's first PoE switch with IP surveillance management functions. When connected with the Vivotek network cameras, NVRs and CMS, the surveillance network system can be set up automatically and simultaneously troubleshoot any connection issues. The AW-GEV series makes deployment of IP surveillance systems both easier and more flexible.


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