Major shareholders increase investment in Tagmaster

Stockholm, Sweden

Last week Ribbskottet acquired additional shares in Tagmaster taking the total holding now owned by the company to 27 million shares, which equates to just under 7.4% of the total of the company.

Ribbskottet is a company that invests selectively in future companies, and which for several years has held an ownership position in Tagmaster, and this latest transaction means that the company now owns just over 7% of Tagmaster.

"Tagmaster operates in a very exciting future niche with a focus on, among other things, smart real time traffic solutions. We expect the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) industry to grow, and that Tagmaster will play an active role in the consolidation of what is considered a relatively fragmented market place today. We believe that the next 3-5 years could be very exciting for Tagmaster", says Ribbskottet.

This news swiftly follows the news also last week, that Tagmaster 's third largest owner, Tomas Brunberg, has increased his holding by an additional 4.5 million shares , which means that his total ownership now amounts to 36,886,329 shares, corresponding to 10.1% of the company's shares and votes.

“I am a long-term owner with great confidence in the company's management and its staff. In addition, I enjoy a strong belief in the company's technology, future potential and growth opportunities, which is why I have chosen to expand my ownership, ”says Tomas Brunberg.


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