Tagmaster launches advanced line of ANPR cameras

Stockholm, Sweden

Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster

TagMaster is launching the first camera in a new family of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras known as Tagmaster CT.

The new camera family is IP-based with in-house developed software that enables solutions based on AI and deep learning. The camera family is designed specifically for applications within parking, access/security and ITS (intelligent transportation systems).

The first camera in the family -  the Tagmaster CT45 - is being launched initially in the UK, the Nordics and the US and later in 2021 also on the French market. Tagmaster is also developing more cameras within the CT family that will be launched later in 2021.

CT45 is an advanced ANPR camera, manufactured and assembled in Europe, with both hardware and software developed internally at Tagmaster. The camera has a powerful OCR engine (optical character recognition) which means that it has the fastest and most accurate algorithms for reading license plates and is at the same time very easy and quick to install.

“This means that we can now offer the market's probably best ANPR cameras in solutions for parking, access and security as well as traffic monitoring systems. These are all solutions where it is extremely important to be able to quickly and accurately identify vehicles", said Jonas Svensson, CEO, Tagmaster.

With software for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning, the camera offers solutions for automatic counting of vehicles going in and out of a car park, automated access for vehicles that are allowed to enter an area and barrier control, alarm management and ticketing integration.

Using a Linux based operating system ensures a stable and secure platform. CT45 is equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE +), which means that mains power is not required and that it can be supplied with power via solar cells. Installation and setup of the camera is therefore possible anywhere.

CT45 offers functionality such as a dual plate reading option, reading of front and rear plates on the same vehicle and the ability to cover wide lanes. The camera can also track direction of travel and reporting entry and exit, using a single camera and in addition data can be retrieved from the camera to be used for analysis purposes.

“We are very pleased to launch the CT45 camera, which we know will give our end customers great benefits, including increased revenue. We look forward to offering further advanced solutions in a rapidly growing market”, said Jonas Svensson.


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