Vandal proof Bio-Entry W2 from Suprema

Seoul, Korea

Suprema has initiated the global launch of the company's Bio-Entry W2, an outdoor fingerprint access control device that offers high matching performance, outdoor durability and multi-card reader in a package to provide comprehensive access control features.

Bio-Entry W2 blends many industry-leading technologies and innovations and is loaded with a class-leading 1.2GHz quad core CPU which achieves incredible matching speeds of up to 150,000 matches/second. With its large 2GB memory, Bio-Entry W2 can store and manage up to 500,000 users and provides instant matching results with minimal lag time.

Bio-Entry W2 is also one of the most secure devices in its class. The device combines enhanced fingerprint algorithms, a new fingerprint sensor, and live finger detection technology. The new Suprema fingerprint algorithm is more accurate than its predecessor and significantly reduces false rejection rates to improve the level of security. It compensates for unsatisfactory fingerprint captures such as direct sunlight conditions or distorted finger images. Bio-Entry W2 also features Suprema’s patented live fingerprint detection technology that effectively eliminates possible fraud using various fake fingerprint materials including clay, rubber, silicon, paper and film.

Unique to the industry, Bio-Entry W2 features dual-frequency, multi-card reading technology. Supporting all HID multi-Class compatible RFID standards, the device features both LF(125Khz) and HF(13.56MHz) RFID and reads most types of RFID card standards with a single device including Mifare, HID Iclass, Desfire, Felica, HID Prox, EM and NFC.

“Bio-Entry W2 clearly reflects Suprema’s commitment to innovation and market focus. From the designing stage of Bio-Entry W2, we aimed to bring the most versatile biometric access control solution regardless of environment, RFID standards and size of the projects it covers,” said Young S. Moon, Vice President at Suprema. “Our target markets for Bio-Entry W2 are the UK and EU countries where there is significant demand for biometric solutions with outdoor-ready structures and future-proof technology to cope with fast evolving authentication methods. The new Bio-Entry W provides IP67 rated dust & water protection and an IK08 rated vandal-proof structure for outdoor installation. Its innovative multi-RFID reading technology covers almost every RFID standard in the market and will benefit users with effective integration with legacy systems as well as providing users with the capability of adopting new authentication methods into their existing system including RFID, mobile and biometrics. With this new device, Suprema will remain a major biometric provider in the market-place whilst outpacing the competition in the premium fingerprint access control segment,” Moon added.


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