Retail sector ready to embrace biometrics

Pfaffikon, Switzerland

Security has been an integral part of an ongoing revolution in the retail and hospitality sector and Touchless Biometrics (TBS)  believes that retail is ready, now more than ever, to embrace biometrics.

Adopting biometric access control can be one of the most powerful changes an organisation can make, especially for those in the retail or hospitality sectors. Typically, these industries are very receptive to positive changes and technological adoption. In the last decades, we have seen the rise of barcode and RFID, converging digital communications, optimising logistics processes through software applications and improving customer experience through interactive and responsive devices.  These are the drivers that TBS believes will form the natural progression towards biometrics for the sector.

Security in retail and hospitality touches all elements of the business: controlling access to restricted areas, monitoring entrance and exit of employees, ensuring safety of customers, etc.

Many components combine to ensure effective security is in place: physical and personal barriers, video-surveillance, alarms and sensors. Yet, when it comes to individual identification as a unique key to access, nothing plays a more relevant role than biometrics.

TBS-Biometrics with its portfolio of biometric technology solutions is already prepared to offer solutions to retail and hospitality, covering complete security needs.


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