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Touchless Biometric Systems AG
Rietbrunnen 2
Pfaffikon SZ, CH 8808
Tel: +41 (0)55 533 20 00

About the company

Switzerland is famous for its unmatched stability and security. It is TBS’ mission is to bring Swiss security standards to the world. TBS offer biometric devices made in Switzerland and complete solutions for a variety of biometric applications in Access Control and Time & Attendance. The TBS 3D Touchless finger scanning technology is worldwide unique.

Product Categories

Access Control
Time and Attendance
Fingerprint readers for IT security
Access Control


TBS 3D-Terminal

Three-dimensional and contact free fingerprint terminal for highest security and multifunctionality at point of access.

  • 3D Touchless technology
  • Access Control / Time & Attendance
  • Highest security level
  • Superior identification performance
  • No “Failure to Enroll”
  • Identification or verification
  • Touchscreen personalized
  • Variable configuration and customizing
  • Optional RFID, camera, liveness detection
  • Standalone and network capability
  • Hygienic for sensitive applications
TBS 2D-Terminal

Touchbased fingerprint terminal for high security and multifunctionality at point of access.

  • Optical touch sensor, FBI certified
  • Excellent identification performance
  • Identification or PIN-verification
  • Touchscreen personalized
  • Customer specific modifications
  • Standalone and network capability
  • Vandal resistant

The web-based BioAdmin® Management Software is designed to administrate all TBS devices in your network.

Basic Modules:
  • User Enrolment
  • User administration including data transfer from external systems
  • Device administration and configuration
  • Logbook for assessment of all access and time events
  • Back-up and restore functions
  • Optional Modules:
  • User rights management
  • Biometric templates management
  • User and finger actions
  • Branch and Zone Management
  • User Tracking
  • Centrally controlled remote enrolment
  • IP-Camera management
  • Anti-tailgating and people count

TBS 1D-Terminal

Combination of touchscreen and RFID for access control / time & attendance.

  • Touchscreen configurable for PIN, access control / time & attendance
  • Indoor- and outdoor-use
  • Flush or surface mount
  • Standalone and network capability
  • Vandal resistant


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