Next generation RFID from Nedap

Groenlo, The Netherlands

Nedap specialists in vehicle identification and detection have recently launched  the Transit Ultimate, a new long-range reader with new semi-active transponders and released as the next generation of Nedap’s RFID platform for vehicle and driver identification.

Nedap Identification Systems is anticipating the growing demand for advanced vehicle access control with the Transit Ultimate, the successor to the Transit Standard, an already proven long-range vehicle and driver identification reader that has had a strong position in the market for over 15 years. Transit identifies vehicles and drivers at a distance of up to 10 metres (33 ft.) and at a travelling speed of up to 200 km/h (125 mph) by using semi-active (2.45 GHz) RFID technology.

The new Transit Ultimate is purposely built for vehicular access control in high-security applications and under heavy environmental conditions. Except for the improved industrial antenna and housing design, the new Transit Ultimate contains a second communication channel at 433 MHz that enables a wider bandwidth for communication between readers and tags. Tag authentication using AES encryption is incorporated to help prevent cloning of tags and replay-attacks.

Transit Ultimate also offers a range of other improved features such as integrated squelch upgrade board for read range adjustment, configurable 3 colour LED indication, USB Interface for communication with reader, tamper switch to detect changes by unauthorised persons and a bonnet support strut for easy installation.

“Transit Ultimate is the worthy successor of Transit Standard, which has been deployed successfully in thousands of installations all over the world. Every day millions of cars, taxis, buses, trucks and other vehicles are identified with our RFID technology. In the new Transit Ultimate we maintained what was good, but we added some new features as well to ensure that Transit will remain the technology of choice for our partners in every application with demanding requirements related to read range, security and configurability,” states Maarten Mijwaart, General Manager of Nedap Identification Systems.

Nedap adds new tags to its portfolio that support this authentication. Nedap also introduces new Boosters (transponder with integrated card reader) that function with smartcard technologies, such as HID, Mifare and Legic. Vehicles and drivers can be identified securely. The new Boosters will also support writing information on cards. Credits, offline access rights and other authorisations could for example be stored dynamically on the personal access control card when a vehicle enters or leaves the secured perimeter.

Transit Ultimate by default is fully backward compatible with existing Transit Standard installations. A variety of interfaces ensure seamless and flexible integration into third party systems for security, parking, logistics and traffic applications.

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