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Nedap Identification Systems is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control. Our readers, sensors and controllers optimize, monitor and control the movement of vehicles and people. Safe, secure and efficient. Technology that can easily be applied to security, traffic and parking applications. Cities, airports, seaports and industrial estates all are expected to be smart about mobility.

Nedap enables citizens to keep moving around in a secure and convenient fashion. Nedap Identification Systems is part of Nedap N.V., headquartered in the Netherlands. Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that are relevant to the modern society. It is Nedap’s ambition to offer ”Technology that Matters”. Nedap Identification Systems has offices in the United States, Italy, Dubai and Singapore. Its skilled business partner network is spread across the globe.

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Access Control
Access Control


TRANSIT Ultimate

The TRANSIT Ultimate is the robust long-range reader, based on semi-active RFID technology that enables automatic vehicle and driver identification at distances of up to 10 m (33 ft) andspeeds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph). This high-end reader, with AES encryption, is designed to perform well in high security applications, demanding vehicular access control applications and under harsh environmental conditions.

uPASS Reach
The uPASS Reach offers long range vehicle identification up to 5 meters [16 ft] using the latest UHF technology. Based on battery-free, passive technology, the uPASS Reach reader is a cost effective and enduring solution for parking access. The uPASS Reach reader is designed for parking access in residential and commercial applications such as: gated communities, condominiums, car parks and employee parking.
Booster Ultimate
The Booster Ultimate is a patented solution for combined long-range vehicle and driver identification. This in-vehicle transponder contains a vehicle identification number combined with identification of the driver’s personal identification card up to distances of 10 meters. The Booster ensures that a vehicle can never get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver.
uPASS Access
uPASS Access is a groundbreaking UHF RFID reader for hands-free building and door access. It reads access badges at a distance of up to 2 meter (6 feet) and is the perfect solution for doors that require convenience. This ultra small reader fits on doorposts in any interior and is easy to integrate with any type of security system. uPASS Access is applicable in many situations, such as typical hands-free building access for staff in hospitals and lab clean-rooms, wheelchair users, employees in warehouses, and more high volume entrances in office buildings and at universities.
ANPR Access HD

The ANPR Access HD license plate reader is an all in one camera including High Definition camera, analyzer and high power IR illuminator. The ANPR reader has processing software embedded onboard. The license plate reader is default featured with RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces. The ANPR Access HD covers nearly all European countries and has a broad list of world-wide countries supporting a large range of IR-reflective license plates. The usage of a HD sensor in combination with the high power IR, enables reading more complex number plates in more challenging circumstances and from a wider range.


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