Idis focuses on post-COVID growth sector with partners

Brentford, Middlesex (UK)

Idis is working with systems integrators across Europe to identify and secure video projects in post-COVID growth sectors, including hyperscale and co-location data centres, residential construction, logistics and healthcare.

Integrators affected by project delays or cancellations in their established markets are looking to diversify their customer portfolios says the company. Idis has noted that in the latest analysis released online, sectors that will offer significant prospects for new video installations and system upgrades are highlighted, as customers look to expand, to drive efficiency, or to introduce COVID-safe site control measures.

“After a number of project successes across the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East we are seeing opportunities in some exciting areas,” said James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe. “For example, there is currently extraordinary growth in the co-location (co-lo) data centre market. Even before the push-effects of COVID-19 this sector was already set to double by 2024 compared to 2018, and that now looks likely to be an underestimate.”

He said there was similar buoyancy in the logistics sector, which continues to be boosted by the rise of e-commerce, and in healthcare where some major video projects are being accelerated, including roll outs for a large NHS Trust due to be completed over the summer.

Businesses concerned with becoming infection hotspots are looking to increase site monitoring, whilst pressures to drive efficiency are pushing other businesses to leverage the latest AI video capabilities, with new systems and upgrades.

“Yet without sector experience these growth markets can be difficult to access,” he added. “So, systems integrators in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands are positioning themselves by partnering with the right vendors, including Idis.”

House building and residential developments are also seeing strong activity in several areas, with recent government interventions providing a stimulus. Idis will continue to develop its relationships with main contractors to capitalise on resilience in new build projects - according to the company, one major development in South East London, making extensive use of Idis video tech, is due for completion later this month.

Idis already has strong references in these sectors and is encouraging its integration partners to capitalise on emerging opportunities. The company is structured to collaborate closely with systems integrators and end-users, offering benefits including lower total cost of service (TCS) for integrators. Advantages of the single-supplier model include improved sales planning, seamless technical support for end-to-end solutions, and reduced training requirements.

Among the companies benefiting from the diversification is systems integrator ISD Tech, which is involved in Idis projects in the UK and mainland Europe.

Managing director Nicky Stokes commended Idis’s approach to the market, and to working with partners to support customers long term, which he says is very different to the ‘box shifting’ distribution model: “Idis is a very effective collaboration partner, helping to identify upgrade opportunities and new business. As well as giving our existing customers solutions that let them adapt to new safe working practices, we are also developing opportunities in new market sectors where Idis already has a strong presence.”

Looking ahead, James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe, said the company would be further supporting integration partners by building out solutions to help businesses enforce safe working practice in Q3.

“We will be helping them meet new government and industry guidelines with competitive video solutions for applications including building occupancy and density control, social distancing compliance and face mask policy compliance,” he confirmed.


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