IDIS Supports Community Wellbeing Project with ISD Tech

Brentford, London, UK

(Top-left) Nicky Stokes, Managing Director, ISD Tech

IDIS has teamed up with integration partner ISD Tech to support the Men’s Shed community group in Church Crookham and Fleet with the donation of a state-of-the-art video monitoring solution that protects new workshop and is helping prevent loneliness and isolation.

The donation is part of the IDIS ‘Create a Better World” campaign that has run on company’s social media channels since the start of the year to support a global commitment to enhance safety and security for social welfare projects and non-profit community organisations.

The system, supplied and installed for free, is protecting a fully equipped new workshop, built with National Lottery funding and opened on the 22nd September 2019.

IDIS NVRs, IP bullet cameras and domes with IR capability, now provide 24/7 video coverage of the new facility, inside and out, helping to protect high value power tools and other equipment.

“The workshop is in quite a secluded location and it houses high value items, so it needs watching over out-of-hours,” explains Nicky Stokes, MD of ISD Tech. “We were delighted to provide this IDIS video solution to enable the volunteers who manage the site to receive alerts on their phones, and to view footage, if ever there’s an attempted intrusion or problem with vandalism.”

The Church Crookham and Fleet Men’s Shed, is one of more than 520 across the UK helping to reduce isolation, particularly among older men, and supporting them as they contribute their knowledge and practical skills to local good causes – everything from building library shelves for primary schools, to making bird boxes for conservation groups, says Chairman Alan Walker.

“We have 25 regularly active ‘shedders’ meeting twice a week and, as that number grows, we’ll increase the times that our workshop’ is open. Now, instead of just being old blokes tinkering away in isolation, we can have a joke and work together – in many ways it replicates the working environment.”

For a long time, research has warned about the negative impact of loneliness and isolation on health and wellbeing, with millions of people reporting feeling lonely on a daily basis. Men’s Sheds have emerged as a practical way of tackling the problem, particularly for older men who find it more difficult to build social connections – although the organisation welcomes members of all ages and genders.

Group members meet to work on projects – fixing things, making things – to share tips and simply to enjoy each other’s company.

Alan Walker, says more than 45 projects have already been completed by the group, and thanks to the IDIS video solution, both the ongoing work and the tools can be stored safely out-of-hours while the workshop is unoccupied.

IDIS is Korea’s largest in-country video surveillance equipment manufacturer and, as it continues to expand in markets globally, the company is committed to supporting community initiatives and charity work, particularly efforts focused on mental health and wellbeing.

“We were really pleased to help Men’s Shed with our video technology,” explains Jamie Barnfield, Sales Director, IDIS Europe. “This is a great community group, not only concerned with the wellbeing of their own members but also supporting the wider community around them with the projects they work on.”

James Min, Managing Director, IDIS Europe, noted: “Since IDIS was founded over two decades ago our corporate mission has been to develop technology that makes the world a safer and more secure place. And while we have witnessed giant leaps forward in surveillance technology, our ‘Create a Better World’ campaign is leveraging those innovations to benefit charitable causes that are close to the hearts of local staff as well as close to our facilities around the world.”

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