Idis innovation recognised with awards shortlist double

Brentford, Middlesex

Brian Song, Managing Director, Idis Europe

Idis, one of Korea’s largest surveillance manufacturers, has reached the finals of the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2016 in the CCTV Camera Equipment of the Year and the CCTV System of the Year categories. The finalist positions build on the industry honours that Idis products and technology innovations have received across the globe since the company launched its own brand in 2013.

The Security and Fire Excellence Awards are designed to showcase the best companies, products, projects and individuals the security and fire industries have to offer. Recognised in the CCTV Camera Equipment of the Year and the CCTV System of the Year category, the Idis 64-channel network video recorder (NVR), the DR-8364D and Idis Smart UX Controls were shortlisted by a panel of judges made up of police, insurers, consultants, journalists and industry practitioners. Following debate and discussion using rigorous and established awards criteria, these Idis offerings were evaluated based on innovation, performance and affordability.

Commenting, Brian Song, Managing Director of Idis Europe, said: “It’s an honour to be recognised by industry peers for the innovations we’ve brought to market this year. With 10% of annual turnover invested in R&D each year we strive to develop genuinely innovative technology that makes the life of our customers easier as we’ve done with Smart UX Controls. At the same time, with the introduction of our 64-channel NVR we can deliver truly enterprise level surveillance at a significantly lower cost than server-based systems.

“I would like to thank the judging panel for their time and effort in reviewing both the Idis and record number of entries during the summer. The Idis Europe team is looking forward to celebrating with our industry colleagues on 23rd November at these prestigious awards held at the London Hilton on Park Lane.”

Shortlisted for CCTV Systems of the Year, the DR-8364D comes with an NVR price tag and is suitable for a range of surveillance applications including large campuses, multi-site organisations, city-wide surveillance and other mission critical security operations. These types of mission critical environments are traditionally regarded as the preserve of server based systems, which can typically be four times the cost of NVR-based solutions. This is due to the cost of server equipment, its associated maintenance, and the requirement for specialist professional services. Further, server-based systems are often storage hungry and while storage prices have decreased in recent years they still equate to around 30% of the cost of surveillance implementations.

That is why Idis took a revolutionary NVR-based approach to enterprise-level surveillance and launched the 64-channel DR-8364D. To support mission critical security operations, the DR-8364D features class-leading throughput of 900Mbps, redundant power and Smartfailover allowing seamless protection in the event of a network disruption.

In the finals of the CCTV Camera Equipment of Year, Smart UX Controls was developed when Idis recognised the challenges associated with operating network pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) cameras. Often screen controls are unintuitive making them difficult and slow for operators to control and users complain of poor image quality when zooming, Further, PTZs working over an IP network are storage and bandwidth hungry and thus latency is an issue causing jerky and poor quality images. If a PTZ is doing a virtual tour or is fixed on specific area or object and an incident occurs that event can easily be missed.

Combatting these challenges, Idis Smart UX Controls provide accuracy and ease of use featuring intuitive “Slingshot” and “Rubberband” style controls, creating an experience unlike any other available on the market. These smooth and seamless controls allow users to easily follow moving objects in real time with ground breaking accuracy by panning images at different speeds and in different directions literally without lifting a finger.

With simple click-and-drag actions, operators can quickly focus on and track specific objects with absolutely no need for multiple clicks to change direction. “Slingshot” allows users to aim and click any part of an image to quickly view a specific object person and area, while “Rubberband” enables the drawing of a rubber band anywhere for easy and silky smooth PTZ control. With response speeds of 100mm/s without latency, this is incredibly effective if a suspect suddenly runs or changes direction, ensuring a hassle free experience for operators and the ability to rapidly respond to an incident or threat.


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