Huperlab 3D virtual fence solution supports day/night and outdoors

Taipei, Taiwan

The Huperlab 3D virtual fence solution was showcased at the Security Show in early-March in Tokyo, Japan..

Huper Laboratories or Huperlab has recently entered the Japanese Home Security market by integrating its technology including a 3D virtual fence solution with Sojitz Building Materials and Security-Security.  

Featuring a home security application, Huperlab’s 3D virtual fence solution incorporating depth vision with a dual security camera system allows the identification of intruders accurately enabling a quick response from concerned home owners. The water-proof design of the 3D dual-lens camera and advanced 3D algorithm ensures higher environmental tolerance to light and shadow changes, rain and snow, and day/night for use both in- and out-doors. The product was showcased and created much interest at the Security Show in early-March in Tokyo, Japan.

The Huperlab 3D dual-lens camera brings human-like depth of vision to capture and construct 3D moving objects in real time to better distinguish them from the background. The stereoscopic technology enables the live detection and analysis of a moving object, and an integrated height filter method is able to deliver a higher tolerance to light and shadow change, or to rain and snow, or day/night, and for overlapping moving objects for a high degree of accuracy, which Huperlab claims is better than infrared detection technology. And its water-proof design of the 3D dual-lens camera makes it ideal for outdoor use with various applications. 

Working as more than a tripwire application, the 3D virtual fence can build a polygon fence with height and bidirectional detection, and can be easily set up and applied for regional safety. Along with the touch mode feature, it allows for the construction of a three-dimensional wall to detect moving objects in depth. Thus it reduces false alarms and makes for more effective detection during an unauthorised access event.

More importantly, intruder alarms and mobile access are some of the best ways to make home security smarter. Users do not need to worry about alarm system integration. With compatibility for mobile access, the system allows users to receive event alerts in seconds and view the live camera video on mobile devices - or activate the voice/audio alarm to scare the offenders off even though they are away from their home.


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