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Huper Laboratories Co., Ltd.
10F, No. 577, Linsen N. Rd.
Taipei 104, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2599-4041

About the company

Huper Laboratories (known as huperLab) is a leading provider of intelligent video surveillance solutions, and a technology innovator on 2D & 3D video analytics, video/audio codecs and streaming technologies. Founded in 1997, huperLab has devoted to offering a well-designed and high performance platform that allows any connection of HD-SDI, IP and Analog cameras, with high quality video display, recording and remote monitoring functions on mobile phones and tablets.

With over 17 years of experiences in research and development, huperLab commits to providing value-added solutions with varied product portfolios and it early seizes the market opportunity to bring self-developed video analytics to the new era in 3D stereo vision technology.

Product Categories

Video Surveillance
Network Video Surveillance
Digital Video Recorder
Intelligent Video Appliances
Digital Surveillance Solutions


2D & 3D Video Analytics for Vertical Solutions

2D/3D People Counter, 2D/3D Virtual Fence Detection, Flame & Smoke Detection, etc.

Panoramic & Megapixel Surveillance

HD Fisheye & IP Megapixel Camera support.

DSS Server Board Series

Industrial Server Board with Built-in Video Chips, exclusively for 24/7 surveillance use.

Intelligent Tribrid DVR, Hybrid DVR/NVR Solution:

Real-time HD-SDI/960H/D1 Premium DVR Cards, Hybrid & IP License DVR Cards, etc.


Huperlab 3D area people counter

Huperlab 3D tailgating detection for access control

Huperlab extends fire & smoke detection system

Huperlab unveils Huper 3D Gatetracer at Ifsec 2018

Huperlab 3D solution showcased at WCIT 2017

Huperlab 3D video analytics for outdoor applications

All-in-one 3D smart camera to showcase in Stockholm

Huperlab 3D virtual fence solution supports day/night and outdoors

Huperlab virtual fence adds to campus security

Effective 3D people-count and vision-based flame/smoke detection

Huperlab 3D analytic retail solution

3D virtual fence accurately detects at varying heights

Huperlab NVR supports fisheye camera for panoramic HD video

Huperlab set to release 3D stereo water proof camera

Huperlab's NVR Solution Secures Large-Scale Mansion in Taiwan

Huperlab Gaia NVR provides easy setup & fisheye dewarping

Huperlab provides anti disaster solution for factory

Huperlab vision-based detection guards valuable assets

Huperlab brings complete HD-SDI DVR solution to market

Huperlab DVR simplifies 16CH 1080p real-time HD-SDI

Huperlab reaches a development milestone

Huperlab push video notification for mobile devices

Speedy LPR at highway for CKS airport, Taiwan

Huperlab surveillance system optimises HDD performance

Huperlab 2nd generation Vento2 dedicated surveillance server board

Huperlab and Intel combine forces to show the benefits of HD surveillance

Huperlab CCTV solution secures Taipei Zoo

Huperlab releases 16CH HD-SDI Tribrid CCTV System

Huperlab intelligent video surveillance protects Hsinchu, Taiwan

Full HD intelligent tribrid surveillance solution from Huperlab

DHL in Ghana counts on Huperlab's IVS solutions

Huperlab's intelligent surveillance system takes Taiwan Mansion to a new level

Huperlab facilitates customer footfall analysis for chain store

Huperlab stereo camera with 3D people counter

Vision-based people counter enhances security surveillance

Huperlab supports mobile devices

HuperLab introduces 'green' product line

D1 DVR cards

Surveillance server board

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