Huperlab 3D solution showcased at WCIT 2017

Taipei, Taiwan

The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2017) was recently hosted by Taiwan for the second time. Huperlab's 3D People Counter Solution was showcased as one of the integrated IoT Smart Retail applications collaborating with Avalue Technology in Microsoft’s IoT Expo Zone.

In the area of Smart Retail solutions, Huperlab focuses on offering retail solutions to fulfill customer expectations and to improve customer service quality.

The Huperlab 3D People Counter solution is based on the company's proprietary 3D Stereo Vision technology, which can construct and analyse moving objects in real time via the exclusive Hupereyes dual-lens stereo camera for higher accuracy. With Huperlab's intelligent video platform, the solution delivers greater integration based on SDK/CGI support to integrate with Avalue Technology's IoT Smart Retail Solution for retail applications. It enables retailers to incorporate useful data into the management dashboard or to display signage to show in-store traffic and marketing measurements, as well as sharing reports with colleagues. More importantly, the height information supported by Huperlab's 3D People Counter solution also allows retailers to build a reference index for store management.

The water-proof design of the Hupereyes dual-lens stereo camera along with advanced 3D algorithms can effectively improve the environmental tolerance towards light and shadow changes, rain and snow, and daytime/nighttime use for outdoor applications. This makes it an ideal solution for more sophisticated scenarios.


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