All-in-one 3D smart camera to showcase in Stockholm

Taipei, Taiwan

Huper Laboratories Co., Ltd. (known as Huperlab), an intelligent video surveillance solution provider, has continued to stand firm with 2D and 3D video analytics proprietary technology since 1999. Skydd 2016 will be taking place from 25-27 October 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden, where Huperlab will now showcase their All-in-one 3D smart camera, Hupereyes, for the first time in Scandinavia.

Aiming to solve false alarm and environmental variation issues, Huperlab’s brand-new era of Hupereyes All-in-one 3D smart camera utilising self-developed 3D dual-lens camera and advanced 3D algorithm ensures higher environmental tolerance to light and shadow changes, rain and snow, and day/night scenarios for high accuracy while using outdoors.

For years Huperlab has gained great practical experience, through the accumulation of lots of sample data from different scenarios in real life cases and this has led to the fine tuning of the company's algorithms to continuously aim for higher accuracy in more applications. Recently, Huperlab has launched the Hupereyes 3D solution with Huper 3D people counter, Huper 3D defender for home security and Huperanalyzer (video analytics server) to better fit more market demands.


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