Vuwall brings zero latency to video wall deployments

Barcelona, Spain and Montreal, Canada

Vuwall is strengthening its TRX centralised video wall management software with continuous updates to meet evolving needs. Version 3.4, which will be showcased for the first time at ISE 2023 in Barcelona this week, adds support for SDVoE multiview mode, video wall mode, and USB routing on Samsung’s The Wall for high-quality, zero-latency video distribution over 10Gb. The update also features performance, security, and user experience improvements.

"TRX was developed to be a flexible and comprehensive video wall management platform that would always keep pace with the latest technological advancements in visualisation," said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, Vice President of Product Management at Vuwall. "This update enhances video walls utilising SDVoE technology to achieve powerful, ultra-fast, and high-quality video wall layouts."

With TRX 3.4, Vuwall brings a full video wall management solution with powerful SDVoE functionality. SDVoE technology is designed for high-quality, low-latency applications and ideal for military, education, and healthcare facilities, where pristine imaging and/or live, real-time information are of critical importance. TRX is Vuwall's flagship platform that offers management of multiple video walls at a time, hundreds of AV encoders and decoders over 10Gb (SDVoE) and 1Gb AV-over-IP environments. TRX has built-in intelligence to recognise source-to-destination compatibility, bringing ease to routing SDVoE sources only to SDVoE destinations.

"Vuwall is clearly focused on system quality, scalability, flexibility, interoperability, and infrastructure simplicity — all hallmarks of SDVoE technology," said Justin Kennington, President of SDVoE Alliance. "This is a powerful and relevant update to TRX that takes maximum advantage of the sustainable, flexible, and available SDVoE ecosystem."

The new multiview feature allows operators to create layouts and presets, including picture-in-picture, where multiple SDVoE sources can be processed by a single decoder on a single display. The interoperable design of TRX allows for any third-party SDVoE source to be routed to the SDVoE video wall while maintaining the full 4K60 video quality from glass-to-glass, including HDCP 2.2 content. This latest release also includes SDVoE USB routing, where users can plug in a USB device, such as a keyboard and mouse, a USB key, or a camera.

TRx is presented as a unique software that combines AV-over-IP distribution, advanced multi-video wall, and KVM management. Designed to manage video walls in professional and mission-critical environments, TRX is deployed in control rooms, security operation centres, and corporate workspaces worldwide. The platform is used to configure, manage, and distribute virtually any source type to any display with easy drag and drop and without any programming, simplifying the deployment of complex AV-over-IP projects and reducing risk and on-site deployment time.


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