Verkada adds more capabilities to access control platform

London, UK

Verkada has added two new features that further extend the company's emergency management and physical security capabilities. Roll Call Reports and wireless lock push button functionalities have extended Verkada’s access control platform capabilities, and further extend the Verkada hybrid-cloud model from security use cases into those focused on user experience and safety.

At the end of August Roll Call Reports is set to be available in beta, and wireless lock push button functionality will be generally available.

A theme in both of these additions is emergency response. In an emergency, the first few minutes are critical. To help organisations better prepare for such scenarios, Verkada access control allows organisations to build systems and tools to better prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Monitoring building occupancy

Roll Call Reports allow organisations to actively track who is accounted for and who is missing within their building at any time - both building response capabilities in advance and providing valuable intelligence when it is most needed. Similarly, Verkada Toggle Mode allows organisations to quickly lock wireless locks from 1) a lock button on the door, 2) a physical panic button, or 3) from Verkada Command on mobile or desktop.

Both of these features integrate seamlessly with Verkada’s intuitive hybrid cloud platform, allowing organisations to enhance their emergency management capabilities and ultimately better protect their people, property and assets.

With Roll Call Reports, Verkada customers can configure specific reports to quickly determine who is safe and who is missing in an emergency scenario. Roll Call Reports integrate natively with Verkada access control door hardware as well as the user groups and access levels specified in Verkada Command. These reports better enable organisations to respond to emergency scenarios like building evacuations and fire drills.

More specifically, Verkada’s Roll Call Reports allow customers to specify the entrance doors, exit doors / muster points, and people that should be included in a Roll Call Report. With these capabilities, customers can configure the reports needed to protect their organisation. Once configured, Roll Call Reports allow customers to track roll call status during a certain period of time while also allowing system administrators to get a report of all individuals currently within a defined area.

Lockdown scenarios

Another important emergency response scenario is building lockdowns or lockouts. In these scenarios, it is essential that the people and occupants of a space are able to lock doors and effectively take steps to respond to the scenario. State and local legislation such as California’s AB 211 law – which stipulates that school doors must be lockable from the inside – and New York’s Alyssa’s Law – which encourages schools to consider silent panic alarms systems as part of school safety plans – further underscore the need for schools and other institutions to build robust yet simple emergency response capabilities.

To allow schools and other organisations to respond to such scenarios, Verkada Access Control’s new internal push button capabilities, or ‘toggle mode’, better allows schools to quickly lock doors from the inside. Mimicking familiar lock functionality, internal push button support allows users to unlock or lock a door from a simple button on the back of the lock. In addition to locking or unlocking a door, users can also trigger a lockdown scenario with a panic button such as Verkada’s wireless panic button. Lastly, with toggle mode, users can ‘toggle’ between access control schedules or check the lock status of the door simply by pressing the lock button on the inside of the lock.


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