Vanderbilt agrees new integration partnership

Indianapolis, In (USA) and Wiesbaden, Germany

The Vanderbilt partnership centres around the integration of Vanderbilt’s VR40 OSDP Readers with Logitime’s software solution.

Vanderbilt has entered into a new partnership with Dutch-based company, Logitime International. Logitime provides a complete and integrated solution for access control, time and attendance, and shop floor data collection.

The Vanderbilt partnership centres around the integration of Vanderbilt’s VR40 OSDP Readers with Logitime’s Time and Attendance (T&A), Access Control, and Shop Floor Data Collection software solution.

Logitime solutions' primary function is to deliver a fully customisable and interactive access control product to their customers. As such, Vanderbilt’s VR40 Readers, which are supported by OSDP, fit perfectly into this customer-first model.

Logitime’s T&A software is designed to be a fully integrated programme. This enables Logitime to provide a tailored solution for each unique customer. Vanderbilt’s VR40 Readers fit into this mix by complementing Logitime’s goal of being interactive and customisable. This is because the VR40 Readers come with a display screen that allows Logitime to integrate and customise the messaging being displayed to their intended audiences on a customer-by-customer basis.

Speaking on the integration, Alexandre Prinsen, Senior Consultant at Logitime, explains: "At Logitime, our interactive technology is a crucial component for us. Therefore, being able to work with Vanderbilt’s VR40 OSDP Readers and customise our messaging in their display screens is, of course, an excellent match for us."

“The Vanderbilt VR Readers are very suitable for highly technological environments that need or want the feedback within their access control systems. We can even use them as T&A readers,” Prinsen concludes.

Commenting on the partnership from Vanderbilt was Nick Pegtol, Country Manager for Benelux at the company. "As well as being attractive and robust, Vanderbilt's VR40 OSDP Readers introduce dynamic features and an OLED display to simplify installation and in-service functionality. Our VR40 readers have three indicator LEDs and a multi-tone buzzer for audio verification. A multi-colour light frame enforces access status information. This can be configured to follow the indicator LEDs or any number of different options. Display brilliance is set automatically by an inbuilt light sensor."

“Aesthetics aside, one of the key features of our VR40 Readers is the inclusion of the highly secure OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) to help combat people hacking communications. OSDP ensures that sniffing devices cannot be installed behind the reader or along the communications path, which we also believe strongly aligns with Logitime’s goal of producing customer-orientated solutions,” Pegtol summarises.


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