Throughtek set to showcase its Kalay 2.0 in London

Taipei, Taiwan

Throughtek,a leading Taiwanese IoT solutions provider since 2008 and known as 'TUTK' , has announced it will introduce the company's new Kalay 2.0 for the EMEA market at Ifsec International from 18th - 20th June 2019 in London, UK at the Excel.  The Kalay 2.0 allows companies to build and design scalable IoT services for connected devices in order to maximize business opportunities and improve customer experiences.

In recent years, more IoT applications have been developed, and Throughtek, with in-depth software technology background focusing on cloud platform development, has been actively sought out by many European and American brands for direct collaboration.

The Kalay Platform is an extremely flexible and scalable IoT platform designed to enable rapid deployment of connected device ecosystems. Complemented by an intelligent cloud service, Kalay offers live streaming, video recording, data collection and analytics for various applications including security, surveillance, home automation, and healthcare.

One of the most important features of Kalay 2.0 is the decentralised IoT security architecture is able to work without a server or internet and ensures end-to-end encryption for all communication between IoT devices. In addition Kalay 2.0 also supports IFTTT and a self-contained logic engine to customise automation rules.

Throughtek boasts it is the first Taiwan-based cloud platform vendor from Taiwan to have gained recognition and reputation in China, Europe and US markets. With extensive partnerships for OEM/ODM, technology brands and integration support from over 200 different SOCs, Throughtek enables enterprises to build and design scalable IoT services for connected devices to maximize business opportunities and enhance customer experiences. In the past ten years, with their software technology expertise, Throughtek has successfully helped tens of hardware manufacturers to further expand their markets into Europe and the United States.


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