Theia set to launch patented linear distortion corrected lens

Wilsonville, Or (USA)

Theia's patented Linear Optical Technology is set to be available for larger sensors – up to 1/1.8” by the autumn of this year, according to the company's latest announcement.

The new MY23F 2.3mm lens provides a 116° horizontal field of view on a 1/1.8" sensor without the fisheye or barrel distortion of typical wide-angle lenses.

The patented distortion correction technology corrects distortion in the image without software, or its inherent latency.

The new ruggediaed lens is engineered with a metal structure and provides a focus lock mechanism to increase shock and vibration resistance.

The fixed iris lens is NIR corrected for hyperspectral imaging & day/night cameras.

The lens comes in a versatile M12/C mount (MY23F) or a CS (SY23F) mount option and, according to Theia, production units will be available in October 2022.

In other news, Theia has also launched a new lens selector tool so clients can filter lenses based on application criteria. Selecting the right lens for an application depends on many factors including desired field of view, required image resolution, and day/night capability, among others. To assist in lens selection, Theia has developed its Lens Selector Tool to filter through and select the correct lens for the job.


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