Mini charging station for education from Aver

Taipei, Taiwan

Aver Information Inc., an award-winning classroom technology provider, has released the latest addition to its classroom charging range, the E12 Charging Station.

The E12 Charging Station is a DIY small form factor charging solution designed to be conveniently installed and easily charge classroom laptops and tablets. 

The portable and space-conscious design of the E12 delivers an ideal solution for smaller classrooms looking for interactive learning without the space for a traditionally sized charging cart, with flexibility of installation at the heart of its design, allowing it to be placed anywhere, from on a table to on a wall. The small space is utilised efficiently with support for the simultaneous charging of 12 devices at a time, where Aver’s advanced in-house charging technology is designed to deliver an effortless and safe charge every time.

In addition to the essentials, other indispensable features are integrated in the E12 Charging Station, such as taking only 5 minutes or less to install, from start to finish.

Natural airflow cooling is ensured by ventilation holes to ensure the protection of your devices from excessive heat, and chargers have their own compartment. This means that devices can be left to charge without concern.

Smart cable management is offered via adjustable dividers, provided for the flexibility to support any device size. Clips can be tapped to lock power cables in place, maintaining the organisation and safety required in a classroom.


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