T3 Snap Plug simplifies RJ45 for cabling

Taipei, Taiwan

At the upcoming IFP 2019 on 13-15 June in Pasay City, Manila, Philippines, T3 Innovation Asia, established in 2016, will present testing instruments, hand tools, and crimp tools, as a one-stop shop for network installers within the emerging market.

The T3 Snap Plug CAT 5e /CAT 6 will be the company's main theme products at the event.  The T3 Snap Plug and Snap Plug tool are designed to simplify the process of terminating RJ45 modular plugs. It is generally a time-consuming process to assemble traditional RJ45 modular plugs, and the most difficult part would be putting the wires into the conductor in correct order. The thicker the conductor is, the more difficult the job is going to be.

The T3 Snap Plug enables the conductors to pass through the connector itself, making it a lot easier to verify the wiring order before crimping, reducing the possibility of errors and wasting materials.

T3 Innovation aims to bring some of the most effective technology to the world of handheld test equipment. The company specialises in testing devices for the cable / telecoms, datacom / networking, electrical design and maintenance markets.


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