Suprema ID integrates with Secunet Biomiddle platform

Seoul, Korea

Suprema ID's Realscan Series, including Realscan-G10 and Realscan-D are now compatible with secunet biomiddle.

The Secunet Biomiddle is an intermediate platform for biometric systems and eIDs, enabling the modular use of biometric system components and card readers in various biometric or eID applications. Both functions are provided via one interface. Biometric hardware- and software-components are embedded and used by the Secunet Biomiddle via an integrated Bio API 2.1 framework, according to ISO/IEC 19784-1.

The Secunet Biomiddle communicates with client applications via a SOAP interface, which makes the middleware independent of system platforms and programming languages. Therefore, the Secunet Biomiddle is easily and quickly integrated into existing infrastructures and already the linchpin in many regulatory and border control projects.

“It is our great pleasure having achieved integration of our proven Fingerprint Live Scanners into the Secunet biomiddle, a reliable platform for many opportunities that are currently ongoing. With its award-winning live fingerprint detection based on deep-learning and versatile performances offering Multi-OS (operating system) for various environments, it is expected that we could join various global projects simultaneously such as the Biometrics based EU Entry-Exit System (EES) for Stronger and Smarter Borders for the European Union using Secunet Biomiddle that is recognised internationally as the reference implementation and preferred architecture for the use of biometrics in connection with official ID documents,” said Bogun Park, CEO at Suprema ID.


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