Suprema face recognition with adaptive IR

Seoul, Korea

Suprema has released Facestation, believed to be the world's first face recognition access control terminal with patented adaptive IR illumination technology.
Facestation’s facial recognition technology features Suprema’s proprietary algorithm and advanced optics using its patented adaptive IR illumination technology. This breakthrough technology enables face image extraction process invulnerable to various lighting conditions while achieving an incredible matching speed (1:1,000<1second) which far outpaces most other face recognition devices in the market.

Facestation also features live face detection technology by analysing eye context from extracted images which determines actual human faces as opposed to imitation face images on photos and LCD screens. Furthermore, Facestation provides contactless, hands-free biometric authentication which allows more convenience and hygiene than many other methods of access control security

"Suprema strives to refine biometric technology to the edge while introducing innovative features ahead of its competitors. Facestation will open up a whole new generation for face recognition, defying preconceived limitations in face authentication while delivering loads of innovative features to meet growing expectations from markets," said Dr. Young Moon, Vice President at Suprema.

Facestation introduces an entirely new way of designing facial recognition terminals. It features an ideally angled front face to maximize its coverage based on the users’ height, and offers a wide touch screen LCD to deliver clear images and messages with an ultra-wide viewing angle for the users. The device provides auto detection mode with proximity sensor and customisable hot keys for various time attendance functions.

Facestation offers an array of high-end features including a wide 4.3-inch WVGA touch screen LCD, dual-CPU processing (1.7GHz in total), videophone interface and embedded web server. By offering TCP/IP connectivity, Facestation ensures users can enjoy extra flexibility in designing their security system while reducing costs for wiring and maintenance. With addition of PoE and Wifi features, Facestation completes the true IP access control concept whilst bringing lower per-door costs with extra stability and scalability.

In addition, it offers comprehensive communication interfaces and relays. It allows flexible system design with TCP/IP, 2-channel RS485, RS232 and Wiegand communication interfaces. Under the cover, you will see USB interface (device & host), Mifare module and tamper switch. It also has multiple in/out ports, and for further expansion, an optional external relay unit is available.

"Suprema will stay committed to developing technologies and products that go far beyond current expectations of value, quality and innovation, and we are excited to be a pioneer of new technologies," Young added.

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