Stid launches first fully autonomous mobile RFID gate

Aix-en-Province, France

After a preview presentation at the Global Industrie 2021 event in Lyon, Stid is now launching Spectre Gate, the first fully autonomous mobile RFID gate.

The Spectre Gate combines RFID technology with a smart and mobile gate solution that can easily be transported. It is designed to meet all specific needs of the Industry 4.0 and it will interact with any type of software and middleware.

This connected gate supports a variety of business applications by automating logistics, the swift and accurate tracking of goods, as part of supply chain and production assets processes. It is an ideal fit for industrial applications (identification at factory entrances/exits, flow monitoring, combating FOD and FME, etc.), and logistics applications (loading/unloading on docks, etc.).

Spectre Gate can also be used as a solution to facilitate tests and trials on pilot sites. In addition to its benefits in terms of performance, modularity and ease of integration, Spectre Gate offers to industrial integrators also a "turnkey" solution for their POC requirements (Proof of Concept).

"Faced with the ever-increasing expectations of mobility and flexibility in RFID and IoT applications, Stid is continuously inventing new and unique solutions. We listen carefully to our clients and invest significantly in time, effort and resources to continue to meet the needs of even the most demanding integrators and manufacturers in our market." explains Mickael Wajnglas, Industry Product Manager at Stid.

"As a French company we are committed to design RFID and IoT solutions in Europe, thus contributing to the development of the French and European industry." adds Vincent Dupart, General Manager of Stid.

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