Sightlogix releases thermal-visible smart camera line

Princeton, NJ (USA)

Sightlogix is introducing a compelling new line of thermal-colour detection cameras, specifically designed for the mainstream perimeter security market.

The Sightsensor TC4 is a dual-imager smart camera that combines the power of thermal detection and visible colour that promises to reliably detect targets over critical, industrial, and commercial perimeters.

Featuring a 384x288 high-clarity thermal array, the TC4 offers 44% more pixels and a higher resolution than standard 320x240 thermal cameras, delivering economic benefits as well. Long-range and wide area detection means fewer cameras are needed to protect large outdoor areas. And combining thermal and visible in one device means one camera on the pole instead of two, with a single network drop, one mounting bracket, and simpler installation overall.

“The new Sightsensor TC4 line solves the most pressing challenges for outdoor security, delivering outstanding performance, high reliability, and ease of use, offering an extraordinary value for our customers,” said John Romanowich, Sightlogix president and CEO.

Like all Sightsensors, the TC4 works at the edge and includes integrated video analytics, automatic stabilisation, and a toolbox of filters to manage application conditions, analysing the scene for security threats, and communicating alerts and video of the event in real time. TC4 is IP66 rated and built for high reliability and longevity in harsh environments.

Unlike most other dual-imager security cameras, Sightsensor TC’s thermal and visible imagers are optically aligned to create a rapid, real-time assessment tool. This also empowers dual-sensor analytics (DSA), a Sightlogix innovation that analyses detected targets from both thermal and visible sensors simultaneously for improved detection accuracy and reduced false alarms. By placing a red alarm box on both thermal and visible streams, users get comprehensive details about the intrusion and can make a quick and informed response.

Sightsensor TC4 is available now, with three models that detect inbound targets at 50 meteres (164 feet), 110 metres (360 feet) and 160 metres (525 feet). Both thermal and colour video streams are viewable through a wide range of third-party VMS systems.


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