Riva introduces new compact dome

Huckelhoven, Germany

RIVA recently introduced a new compact dome camera with motorised focus and zoom and a new mini pinhole camera at the Essen Security show in Germany, where, according to the company these products and others in their range were met with great interest.

The new compact dome camera RC3402HD with motorised focus and zoom includes 14 built-in IR illuminators with an illumination distance up to 20m. The RC8102HD mini pinhole camera allows a hidden video surveillance due to a special design.  Furthermore, the full HD camera can be installed flexibly and easily and includes an image rotation for vertically oriented space.

Both cameras are perfectly suitable for indoor applications and incorporate the standard version of the powerful video analytics tool, powered by VCA Technology, free of charge and it can also be extended by optional additional filters. Moreover, this new camera offers features such as dual video stream, micro SD card slot for local recoding, easy integration via ONVIF compatibility, PoE, WDR amongst other features.

There was special interest in the new retail software Privendo which shows that IP cameras are no longer only used in the security sector but are also becoming increasingly important for marketing applications. The software analyses customer behaviour, evaluates it statistically and presents results clearly. In particular, the presentation in the form of heat maps and hot spots shows at a glance which areas are most popular or which are the most frequented sections of a store. Based on the information generated by Privendo, products can be placed and presented in an optimal position, marketing campaigns can be planned, queues can be managed and staff planning can be carried out efficiently. As a result, the retailer can potentially and significantly improve on ROI (Return of Investment) within a relatively short time frame.

On the RIVA stand at the show, there was also support from the company's VMS partners Cubitech, Axxonsoft and Luxriot as well as technology partners, Veracity and VCA Technology.

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