Plustek in-vehicle DVR with 4G

Plustek Inc.has confirmed that 4G is now available in its all-in-one in-vehicle surveillance MDVR systems, Mobile VX-C540 (4ch) and Mobile VX-C580 (8ch), designed for public transportation vehicles.

Compared to early-generation networks, 4G provides a wider bandwidth, resulting in faster data-transfer speed. This creates a better environment for video transmission, especially for in-vehicle use. With Plustek's 4G all-in-one, in-vehicle MDVRs, control centres have the ability to see real-time video with live audio.

Through the built-in GPIO control (4x input and 2x output), more connection integration can be made, such as the ability to engage a silent panic button. When an alert has been triggered, the signal can be transmitted through the 4G network and immediately sent to the control centre, allowing for immediate response.

"This fully-integrated 4G system provides a control centre with an excellent surveillance tool with remote access to the vehicle for viewing live footage, which allows for instantaneous interaction with the driver," said Robert Fuchs, Plustek's Marketing Manager. "All of our in-vehicle recorders offer flawless playback of crisp-looking video, in your most critical time of need."

The MDVR is also equipped with Wifi, offering a convenient access point to retrieve recorded video footage, in a secure and reliable way. Wifi enables fast and cost-effective backups to access recorded video, it also opens up more efficient system maintenance alternatives. The surveillance system can be set up to record video footage and automatically back up or download the footage any time the vehicle is in range of a wifi network.

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