OT Systems L2+ improves IP network management

Hong Kong, China

OT Systems has recently launched its new L2+ managed Ethernet switch series which provides IP network surveillance device management functions.

The new L2+ managed Ethernet switches provide easier manageability, robust security and embedded surveillance device management (SDM) system to allow users to automatically manage, monitor and deploy the surveillance network system.

They offer easy network configuration; display the live streaming and graphical monitoring of topology, floor and google map view; and provide real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. The system also supports one-click login and auto discovery to easily classify a third party-device name, IP address, connected port number and link status.

The new L2+ managed Ethernet switch series is especially designed for IP surveillance applications. Managing IP network surveillance systems through the OT Systems L2+ managed Ethernet switches enables a system to become more intuitive and efficient.


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