OT Systems technology plays guardian of the Smart City

Hong Kong, China

Smart cities play a big role in today's urban development projects. The popularity of technology is helping to greatly improved the quality of life for the people. It has also enabled companies to save on costs compared to the traditional management model.

In recent years, the monitoring system is also undergoing a smart transformation. OT Systems recently released its "Mobile Surveillance + Big Data Solution", an artificial intelligence CCTV system with learning and judgment, integrated security system solutions for big data applications, that is widely used in construction sites and environmental protection - It can play a role in preventing crime and environmental sanitation and safeguarding the safety of citizens and society.

The construction industry laid the foundation for national economic and social development. However, due to the limitations of the construction environment, poor management of equipment and materials, and a lack of public safety awareness, various problems often arise. In view of this, OT Systems' mobile monitoring system can improve the traditional monitoring problems, such as: high installation costs, insufficient mobility, damage to the construction site and a lot of human resources.

OT Systems' "smart" solution provides three main prevention points for the construction site through intelligent video analytics and linkage warnings: on-site personnel building materials and management, labour safety and overall construction progress. Its monitoring system is highly mobile, simple to install, requires no power or network cabling, and supports 24 hours of uninterrupted video recording through multiple battery packs and solar panels. In addition, the system supports local signal transmission systems such as wifi, 3G, 4G, LTN, etc., which is highly efficient and stable. It can be connected to an existing monitoring centre through long-distance transmission or remotely monitored using a mobile application.

As a result the OT Systems mobile monitoring system can effectively improve three aspects withing the construction site environment: Monitoring littering; illegal dumping of waste; and sanitation problems. Littering and illegal dumping of waste will not only damage the environment and affect the health of the public, but will also jeopardise Hong Kong's international image. In view of this, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has recently set up 80 mobile surveillance systems in 40 locations in Hong Kong through OT Systems. Through intelligent video analysis technology, government officials can be assisted in formulating corresponding policies, and relevant departments can be quickly assigned to the site for cleaning to improve environmental sanitation.

In addition, these mobile surveillance systems also have the ability to reduce the rate of crime. By setting up a monitoring system for crime hotspots, it can not only be vigilant and a deterrent, but also 24 hours of uninterrupted video recording, storing the collected data in a local NAS or cloud, and also acting as a relevant law enforcement agency after the crime occurs.


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