Nine good reasons to move to the cloud

Austin, Tx (USA)

Eagle Eye Networks has released a best practices guide for IT professionals which offers nine reasons to move a security system to the cloud.

In the business world, particularly among IT professionals, cloud computing is no longer a mere trend, it’s the backbone of a data-driven, app-based tech ecosystem. According to Hosting Tribunal, 94 percent of enterprises already use cloud computing, 30 percent of all IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing, and 66 percent of enterprises have a central cloud team or a cloud centre of excellence.

From customer relationship management to project management, from enterprise resource planning to messaging apps, IT leaders are managing key software systems in the cloud, and thus, are well versed in its benefits. Which begs the question: Why are we slower to move our video security systems to the cloud?

This latest new guide from Eagle Eye Networks spells out the business case and suggests an immediate ROI of taking video surveillance systems to the cloud.

The document entitled “Your Business and IT Systems Run in the Cloud: Here Are Nine Reasons Your Security System Should, Too, ” has been designed especially for IT professionals who are increasingly tasked with overseeing physical security. This best practices guide examines the top nine reasons to migrate a video surveillance system to the cloud, starting with rapid deployment, ease of use, and accessibility.

The guide additionally offers insight into how a modern cloud video management system (VMS) can improve cyber security, help streamline backup and recovery, cut down on hardware, facilitate collaboration, and position a business for the future.


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