Mirasys releases latest update of Spotter VMS

Espoo, Finland

Mirasys, a Finnish pioneer in developing open platform video management software, has recently released the newest version of its open platform VMS, Spotter V9.4.

The major news for the Mirasys V9.4 include various enhancements including the ability to maximise operational efficiency through automatic vehicle identification using Easy LPR plugin.  Users are able to track and regulate access; trigger alarms based on access control and optimise and eliminate manual processes. This upgrade also supports a wide range of different application scenarios, and users are able to access their Mirasys VMS software from wherever they want with the Spotter Web & Mobile.  Access is also available from a desktop or mobile device and no additional installation is required.  It offers remote control and management and secure access and use.

The Mirasys License Plate Recognition (LPR) is offered as a plugin, and is a VMS Spotter add-on product that provides camera based vehicle identification that automates processes based on recognising license plates.  Its main features include real-time vehicle monitoring; multiple license plate search criteria with a single camera; plate number list management: black list and white list; importing and exporting plate number lists; uploading plate number list to the cameras; alarm triggering from: other plate detected; black list plate detected; white list plate detected.

Mirasys Spotter Web & Mobile

Developed for remote users who need easy access to their offsite video surveillance installation. Mirasys Spotter Web & Mobile provides an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive resource experience through any browser, without the need for additional software.

The interface offers remote control and management so users can access from a desktop or mobile device.  There is a new HTML5 based client, and users have their own UI for the Spotter Mobile. No installation is required and the same application can be used with any browser.

All communication is automatically encrypted offering an effective layer of secure access for users.

There is also support for multi-channel device licensing, this means that now, when a customer uses any device with more than 1 channel, whether an encoder or a multi-sensor camera, only 1 VMS camera license for every 4 channels or for each device is used. Users are also able to remove each channel independently if and when required. For example, if the device has 16 channels Mirasys VMS would utilise 4 x VMS camera licenses. The dual-lens camera would consume one VMS camera license.

Finally, motion pre-and post-recording can now be used to have recorded material before and after the motion, negating the need to create alarms to achieve pre-and post-recording.


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