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Mirasys Oy
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Mirasys is one of the leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Systems (VMS). Mirasys intelligent surveillance system is used for perimeter protection, building management, loss prevention, and operational efficiency by customers from many industries in over 40 countries. Based in Finland, the company operates through sales offices and Mirasys representatives in cooperation with leading distributors, system integrators, security service providers and system manufacturers. More than 70.000 customers worldwide use Mirasys systems with nearly one million cameras.

Mirasys VMS is an intelligent video platform based on openness, easy install-use software, data security, and win-win partnership.

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Mirasys Video Management System

Mirasys VMS Spotter V9
Mirasys Spotter V9 is one of the preferred VMS software to collect, store, process and provide data from CCTV cameras and other related sensors to both small and large installations. Spotter V9 is an intelligent surveillance platform that allows customers worldwide to extract maximum information from old and new cameras and sensors. The data extracted from the footage gives customers and clients the ability to improve security, optimise processes, enhance the business operation and decrease the need for human monitoring.


  • Mirasys Spotter Base - Make small businesses safe! Up to 20 connected cameras on a single server (stand-alone) system and a maximum of two simultaneous users.
  • Mirasys Spotter Pro - Commits to all industries! Up to 50 connected cameras per server, maximum 3 servers in one system with maximum of 5 simultaneous users.
  • Mirasys Spotter Enterprise - For projects in large installations! Up to 250 connected cameras per server, maximum 150 servers in one system with maximum of 10 simultaneous users.
  • Mirasys Spotter Enterprise Plus - A deep vision data VMS! No restrictions, all features included, and every channel contains Video Content Analytics!
Mirasys Hardware

The Mirasys Hardware product selection combines the Mirasys software VMS with carefully selected components specifically designed for the video surveillance market. Get in touch with Mirasys team to get the best solution for your project.


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